• Arienette: “I ALWAYS love you!”
    Me: “Do you know what that means?”
    Arienette: “Yes.”
    Me: “What does it mean?”
    Arienette: “You are Batman!”
  • Arienette: “Conceal, don’t feel, put on a show… make it 100 and nobody will know…”
  • Arienette: “Can I choke?”
    Me: “What? No!”
    Arienette: “Would you be sad?”
    Me: “Yes, I would be sad.”
    Arienette: “Okay, I will choke. I like it when you be sad.”
    Me: …
  • Krishna: “Do you like Sempai Aaron?”
    Arienette: “YES! I take a CRUSH on Sempai Aaron!!”
  • Arienette: “Why does sissa have to go?”
    Me: “Because granmum said so”
    Arienette: “Well I want her to stay!”
    Me: “I want her to stay too”
    Arienette: “Well, I think… I think…”
    Me: “What do you think?”
    Arienette: “I think a hot dog is coming out of my butt!”
  • Arienette: “My belly doesn’t wanna go this way.”

Me: “Oh? Where does your belly want to go?”

Arienette: “My belly wants to go to Sylar’s house!”

  • Arienette: “I was talking about BUTTS!!”
  • Arienette: “I’m starving a little.”
    Krishna: “You can’t starve a little.”
    Arienette: “Yes I can… of COURSE I can!!”
  • Arienette: “Don’t cry, you’re avoidable!”
  • Arienette: “Butts, butts, butts, I got wild eyes.”

About Chimadena

I am a mother, and I love my family with all my heart. I love books, music and movies (though not always book to movie adaptations). I have an odd sense of humor, and I like to talk about random things nobody really cares about. I also enjoy playing with my hair and makeup, and trying new things. I recently shaved my head bald on a whim. Seriously, I said "I think I want to shave my head" and 10 minutes later, my thirteen year old was holding a pair of scissors cutting it off so I could. And when I say, I shaved it, I mean I literally shaved it. I had zero hair on my head afterward. Then, just for funzies, I put on my combat boots, and a Halloween tutu, and went out to show it off. I have zero qualms about looking crazy in public. My teenager, however, was a bit embarrassed. I enjoy taking pictures and making videos, though I am not particularly good at it, and I have a strong presence on social media. If you would like to talk to me, you will find that I have an opinion on almost any subject, though you can clearly see that by perusing my WordPress account.

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